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Symmetry Construction is the Pennsylvania Roofing Company with the experience, reliability, and knowledge to repair or renew your residential roof. We are the locally owned experts. If you have a leaky, damaged or weathered roof, Symmetry operates using top quality materials and state-of-the-art industry best practices. In other words, we know how to perform the best repairs and new installations. We do things the right way so you will come back to Symmetry for all your roofing needs. Our greatest achievement will be when you recommend us to your friends and neighbors.

The correct roof on your house enriches its appearance and protects your entire home from all kinds of weather. A roof is a system of installations that work together so that your home stays free from water damage. Components of your roof include sheathing, underlayment, flashings, ventilation and most often shingles. Each element of your new or existing roof must be installed with quality materials and professional workmanship to ensure the protection of your home.

In Pennsylvania, roof installation needs to be done conscientiously. Cold winters, wet weather, and hot summers stretch and pulverize the best roofing materials. We use only the best materials and design roofs that are built to last many years. Our affordable maintenance programs help ensure added longevity as opposed to an unmaintained roof.

We are a local Carbon County roof installation company. In our 10  years as a Pennsylvania roofing company, we have seen every kind of weather and every type of catastrophe that this area can throw at a roof. We are committed to our community and as such we have the highest standards for our techs. You can be sure when you choose Symmetry, you’ll be getting the best and most secure roof possible.

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